Specialist of Iron & Steel Casting Solution since 1999


YS-Casting has been manufacturing ductile/gray iron castings, steel castings and sheet metal stampings for a wide variety of applications.


· 3 Locations on total area of 310,000 square feet

· 270 employees

· 2 shifts

· ISO 9001:2008 certified


· Iron Castings: Ductile Iron, Gray Iron

· Stampings: Steel,Aluminum,Copper Alloy

· Steel Castings: Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel


· Iron Castings: Green Sand Mold, No Bake Mold, Shell Mold

· Steel Castings: Investment Casting(Lost-wax process)2 shifts

· Stampings: Stamping,Blanking,Punching


· CNC machining centers (vertical and horizontal)

· CNC Turning

· Drilling and Milling

· Broaching

· Tapping

· Wire-Electrode Cutting

· Boring

Factors such as casting/stamping size, shape, complexity, quantity, surface finish and dimensional accuracy must all be taken into account when selecting the most cost-effective process for the job. Certain processes may cost a little more, but their greater precision may result in less finishing or machining operations at the back end which will reduce the cost and thus make it more cost-effective to the customer.

We will always find the most suitable and cost-effective method to produce your castings/stampings whether it be for individual light or multiple heavy.

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