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Products quality control system is as follows:

1. Drawing Control

The first and important step after receiving the POs from customers is drawing control.

Confidentiality – Keep confidential of the customers’ drawings. Protect the original design for customers.

Check - Technician checks the drawings and confirms dimensions; confirm there is no missing information which affects production and stamp.

Confirmation – Confirm the production process & inspection process according to the drawings.

 Drawing Control

2. Mould Control

Before mould making, we need simulate pouring system to check the mould design. In this way can greatly reduce the defects during production.


Simulation of Casting System on Computer

3. Raw Material Control

We choose brand raw materials through formal channels; never use cheap recycled raw materials. All the raw material samples will be sent to do chemical components test in our P&C lab. Only the qualified raw materials can be melting.


Raw Material

4. Pouring Process Control

Use thermal analyzer, spectrum analyzer & thermo detector to check the molten iron. If the chemical components & temperature are qualified, will do fast pouring within 8 minutes.


Thermal Analyzer


Spectrum Analyzer


Thermo Detector

5. Raw Castings Control

Do chemical components test & mechanical properties test with test bars which from same batch pouring;

Do raw castings surface visual checking;

Do dimensional checking with CMM.


Spectrum Block


Spectrum Analyzer


Check the Microstructure with a Microscope


Metallographic Structure of Ductile Iron


Test Bars for Mechanical Properties Inspection


Tensile Strength Test


Brinell Hardness Tester


Portable Hardness Tester



6. Machining Process Control

Program the machining process on NC lathe according to drawings requirements.

Do machining surface visual checking;

Do dimensional checking with CMM.


NC Lathe



7. Other Requirements Control

Some customers have special requirements for their products, we will insist on doing relevant controls according to customers’ requirements. For example, the products cannot allow leaking. We will do hydraulic pressure test for 100% products to avoid leaking during using.

8. Packing & Delivery Control

Do random dimensional checking and label. Put dimensional reports, chemical & mechanical reports, test bar into the packing box.

Individualized packaging according to the shape & number of products to save packing cost, at same time protect the machining or painting surface.

Take different anti-rust protection to products according to customers using.


Pallet + Wrapping Film


Plywood Case


Foldable Steel Wire Cage